Leveraging over twenty years in the global frozen fruit ingredient industry, our goal is to forge vertically strategic partnerships from premier farming and processing operations to your brand.


We service all industries to include dairy, beverage, bakery, confectionary, preserve, retail, foodservice, wine/spirits, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

We understand your business.  Whether it's R&D or a long-established ingredient specification, depend on our expertise to meet your requirements year after year. 



Our Products:

A New Generation of Farming


Ingredients, from the ground up.

Let our expertise work for you.  From variety selection and R&D to global supply evaluations and forecasting.  Our goal is to keep your formulations resourced and consistent from season to season. 

The rich soils and moderate temperatures of the Pacific Northwest produce the world's finest varieties of blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries. 

  • Small fruit
  • Stone fruit
  • Tropical fruit
  • Single-strength & aseptic purees
  • Concentrates & essences
  • Dehydrated & powders
  • Sliced, diced, whole & sugared
  • IQF, straight-pack & juice stock
  • Organic, transitional & sustainable




Our suppliers undergo internationally accredited third-party auditing and maintain strict raw material  tracking to finished product.